Summer Staff

Dear Interested Staff Member –

We care deeply about all of our campers’ success.

I will admit, there was a time in my life when I just searched for the job that made the most money. A padded bank account somehow meant I was more valuable.

I wouldn’t have been a great match for Kiowa at that time.

Since then, I have discovered something much more valuable…the authentic benefit of helping, serving and leading another person to additional success.

We create these experiences at Kiowa.

Give some thought to your personal priorities. We would be honored to speak with you about a summer position. If there is any part of you that feels you may be able to contribute to a camper’s remarkable summer experience, click the link below to complete a staff application.

Hope to hear from you.



Job Opportunities:

Boys’ Counselor

Girls’ Counselor

Boys’ Head Counselor

Girls’ Head Counselor

Social Media Intern (paid)

Administrative Intern (paid)

Ranch Hand Coordinator

Lead Ranch Hand

Female Ranch Hand

Male Ranch Hand

Counselor in Training

Horse Trainer/Provider

The LEVEL of CARE we provide our campers is far beyond the “norm.”

Here is a list of specific expectations we have for each team member:

  • You arrive every day on-time and ready to contribute 100%.
  • You leave your own desires behind and concentrate, fully, on the needs of others.
  • You ask questions and limit comments.
  • You respect everyone and everything.
  • You communicate to the best of your ability.
  • You eliminate any excuses for short-falls and come back willing to try harder.
  • You arrive with a humble heart ready to serve, learn and grow.

If these expectations are fulfilled, your influence this summer will be extraordinary!

Let’s raise the bar together!

Ranch Hand Program!

The Camp Kiowa Ranch Hand program is for Camp Kiowa campers and teens (15 years & older) who have displayed leadership amongst their peers and desire to help others. It is an opportunity for teens to interact with young children, demonstrate cooperation and responsibility, and develop good work habits. Ranch Hands are vital to the success of Camp Kiowa and our daily operation.

What Do Ranch Hands Do?
Help children, peers, and adults during camp sessions; help set up and serve all meals; help run night events; assist with many tasks related to running the Summer and Winter Program!


Our team is willing to accomplish greatness. Here are some things we learn from the experience:

  • The ability to INFLUENCE someone without saying a word.
  • The ability to LEAD someone simply through small, yet very intentional, actions.
  • The ability to positively CHANGE someone’s “life course” in less than 2 days.
  • The process within a HEALTHY team environment.
  • CLARITY surrounding your own intrinsic value.
  • The characteristics that make you GREAT for others.
  • The ability to OPERATE well under pressure.
  • The DESIRE to do more than is expected of you.
  • A plethora of leadership, relational and success TOOLS.

Camp experiences for our staff are life-long game changers. You won’t forget the time you spend with us, I assure you.

If interested in understanding how you can be a game changer this summer, click below to apply!

Apply Here

We need extraordinary, selfless, motivated, encouraging team players!
Take a look at the positions available and discover what job fits you best!
Apply online or download the application below and submit it by email or mail.

Email to:
Include your name in the subject (ie. “Staff Application — YOUR NAME”)

Or mail to:
Camp Kiowa
Attn: Summer Staffing
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