Day in the Life!

Friends! Fun! Great Food! Cabin time, Porch Time and Activity Time! ALL THE TIME!

We APPRECIATE you. We VALUE you. We BELIEVE in you.

You’ll have the BEST time of your life!

You’ll make many new friends. See old friends. Be challenged. Do awesome activities, make great decisions and lead others through it all. We’re excited to see you in action!

We look forward to your own unique self at Kiowa this summer!

A Day in the Life of Camper

Every day is an AWESOME day at camp! (It may be warm outside but don’t worry, the air-conditioners are KEEPING THINGS COOL!)
Activities, evening programs and meals are great, but “Cabin time” with your NEW FRIENDS is what you’re really going to remember! Get ready for some of THE BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE!

7:30am…Get up, get dressed and off to raise the flag and EAT BREAKFAST!

8:30am…Back to our cabin to brush our teeth and CLEAN UP with our cabin mates.

Girl-in-red-and-horse9:00am….Enrichment ACTIVITY 1 and then a cabin activity with cabin-mates.

11:30am…Fun LUNCH and back to our cabin (during the hottest part of the day) for some “K-Bo.”

12:30pm…Lets REST for a while, grab a snack, play some Ga-Ga and head to more afternoon activities (including swimming)!

5:50pm…Flag lowering and DINNER in the Cafe.

6:30pm…Cowboy Corral! Singing, skits, games, encouraging one another (with a shout out) and a counselor GRAND SLAM!

7:00pm…Crazy fun at casino night, a dance party, mission impossible, arena games, movie night or team competition.

9pm – 10pm…After a shower we’re set for bed. Lights out. A few giggles. Ready to wake up the next morning excited for whatever the day has in store.

All in the life of a camper! See you there!

Our Camper’s Daily Schedule

Fun is at the top of our priority list!

Kiowa’s daily schedule has been carefully and intentionally orchestrated to get the most out of every day. For example, mornings tend to be geared toward thinking, creating and many of our outdoor activities. Afternoons lean toward more air-conditioned times and swimming and group activities.

We eat lunch 30 minutes prior to the normally (11:30am) because we know the kids have played hard. They are ready to eat, enjoy some K-bo (see the “Discovery of the 5 guiding principles”) with their cabin mates, and rest for a short while.

Regardless of the activity, rest assured the decisions regarding our daily schedule have been made with tremendous intention.

Let us know if you have any questions!



PERSONALIZE your schedule! Discover your GIFTS! Problem solve! Collaborate with a team! Persevere! Communicate your ideas! Have FUN!

  • Personalize your schedule, by choosing 2 enrichment activities for each week you attend….before you arrive.
  • Enjoy and learn from the week-long, age appropriate, activity curriculum & trained instructors.
  • Explore your own gifts and talents as you create, learn and grow.
  • Have fun learning with your friends, gaining confidence in something new, and perfecting a trade.

Enjoy a snapshot of our “Enrichment Activities!” (below)
Keep checking back as we continue to add more!

Advanced Swimming
Train to be a dynamic swimmer! Begin class with basic laps and focus on a different swim style, daily. Learn basic lifeguarding skills, pool safety & more! Build endurance and bring out the OLYMPIC swimmer in you.

Culinary Arts
Learn your way around the kitchen! From appetizers to entrées, explore various recipes for all types of cultural cuisines, desserts, side options & pallet styles while sampling a variety of menus.

Advanced & Beginners Paintball
Play in a safe setting. Learn all aspects of the sport. Discover the technical side of gun, how to care for equipment, rule of play and strategies to win. Additional cost ($40/week). Age requirement (8+). Additional clothing is required.

A combination of archery and bb guns. You will learn safety with each weapon, skillful shooting, range safety, scoring competition and more. Balloons and moving targets may all part of the fun!

LEGO® Mindstorms®
Using the LEGO® Mindstorms® Robotics Invention System, you will learn mechanical design, construction, programming, and teamwork skills while building complex robots to complete a specific task. Robot wars with fellow campers are always a hit.

Kiowa Chronicle
Photography, editing, publishing, and creativity. This class will give campers an opportunity to write, photograph, and share their experiences about Kiowa with others. Create the Kiowa newsletter for social media, websites, blog entries and more.

Mad Scientist
Unleash your experimental side and travel into nature and space. Create moon sand, lava lamps, rocketry and more. This is no text book science class!

Survive the Great Outdoors
Be a Bear Grylls! Construct a shelter! Build a fire! Learn what you can and cannot eat and drink IN THE WILD! Filter water & discover creatures. Campers will hike our trails & learn basic outdoor first aid skills.

Smell the fresh air and feel the peaceful surroundings. Rough it away from electricity and running water. Learn fire safety, cook on the open fire, and take in the open skies of Texas. *Campers must be 8+ years old to participate in this activity.

Master the tools of the trade. Electric saws, drill presses, and wood burners. Use your creativity to create & build. Projects may include puzzles, plaques, clocks, chess boards & more!

Explore a wide variety of arts including canvas painting, chalk design, pencil sketch, arts and crafts, jewelry making and recycled art. Share with others your creative side by making for friends or as gifts.

Horsemanship, riding styles, equine anatomy, movement, care and nutrition. Combine fun, learning and the relationship between human and horse. Additional cost ($40/week). Age requirement (8+). Additional clothing required*

Advanced Yoga
Test strength, flexibility, and allow you to experience a peaceful moment in the crazy days at camp. Why does it work? How do they do that? Where did it come from? Each day will bring something new.

Health & Fitness
Discover fun, healthy, social and exciting ways to feel better. Learn new games, experience fitness like you’ve never seen it. Test your agility, strength, flexibility, speed, nutrition and gain a broader idea about fitness & overall health.


A crazy, fun and relaxing experience with your cabin mates. A little less “learning” and are more FRIENDS and FUN.

You’ll have the freedom to choose a different one each day, collaborate with your friends and spend more time with your cabin-mates.

You will do 2 unique cabin activities each day. Led by your counselors, some of the cabin activities may include:

  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Letter writing
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Recreational Sports
  • Drama
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Backyard games
  • Recreational Swimming
  • Plant and Insect identification
  • Tree-hugging
  • Card Making
  • Knot making
  • Spa
  • And more!

EVENING ENTERTAINMENT…make each day end with a BANG!

Always a popular time at camp!

Complete with fun, smiles, laughter and surprises. You’ll love the parties, music, snacks, competition, recreation and fun at every evening program.

Costumes or props may add to the evening program experience. To prepare, we’ll LET YOU KNOW IN ADVANCE!

Here is a list of just some of the activities you might expect to see:

You’ll be made aware if there are costumes or props that would add to the evening program experience. Here is a list of just some of the activities you might expect to see:

  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • Movie Night
  • Rodeo/Western Night
  • Cabin Time
  • Dance Nights
  • All Camp Talent Show
  • Camp Fires
  • Fiesta Night
  • Ki-Olympics
  • Kiowa Tribe Night
  • 90s night
  • SpooKiowa Halloween Night
  • Disco Night
  • Rock N’ Roll 50s Night

Fun, exciting, creative and entertaining!
Laugh, smile, learn and grow!
Every moment…just one step closer to The Time of Your Life!