Our Promise to You

Our Promise To You

Our SUCCESS is dependent on our PARTNERSHIP with you.

Our campers’ success will be a reflection of the RELATIONSHIP we have with you. We promise to create a strong foundation well in advance of your camper’s time at Kiowa.

Our relationship with you will come to fruition through…

Consistent COMMUNICATION      –      Extraordinary CARE      –      Dedication to Our CALLING.

Very Sincerely,


Consistent Communication

Celebrating your camper’s tremendous value begins with great communication.

We promise to listen, understand and clarify all needs throughout your child’s camp experience.

Our leadership team will provide you with honest and direct feedback, questions or concerns, highlights and valuable information regarding your camper and their experience.


We promise to love and encourage you to the best of our ability. We see no benefit in cynicism, negativity, bulling or the like. We will celebrate all of the individual challenges, successes and failures at camp.


We promise to be true to ourselves and others through the entire process. We perform with a clear understanding of what we are “called” to accomplish each day. By practicing anything other than our calling, we are shading our own, individual truth.

Our time with our campers allows them to (1) witness us enjoying our calling, and (2) develop their own unique calling.

We welcome any opportunity to fulfill our promises WITH you!


“Did you have fun?” This is the most common question parents ask their child on the last day of camp.

The typical camper response, “Yeahhh! It was AWESOME!”   (FUN is a big piece of camp, but is only ONE slice of the Kiowa pie.)

Wrapped up in the fun is a list of strong camp VALUES. Our VALUES are reviewed on the first day of camp and will be reiterated multiple times each week with our team.

While at camp, every Kiowa camper will…

  1. Remain safe (emotionally and physically), consistently.
  2. Discover at least 2 unknown, personal attributes.
  3. Be encouraged to take reasonable risks.
  4. Make friends
  5. Develop specific 21st Century Learning Skills, including…
    • Leadership
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Creativity
    • Self Control


What Kiowa Parents are Saying

A relationship with our camp parents is a PRIVILEGE and PRIORITY. We value each parents feedback, incite, thoughts and encouragement.

Here are a few questions we ask our parents:

  • “What matters most to you about your child’s camp experience?”
  • “How can we best serve you?”
  • “What is the most valuable lesson you would like your camper to learn?”
  •  “Is there anything else we can do to earn your confidence?”

TAKE A LOOK at just SOME of our camp parents’ TESTIMONIALS!

I think our testimonials should have the first names of parents (or any female name) instead of “camp mom” They aren’t personal enough without the individual names. Let me know if it is best if I got you the first names of each of the moms.

Camp Parent Partnership

BEYOND CAMP we are partners in the success of your child…

Your campers’ success OUTSIDE their camp session is a high priority! We would be honored with an opportunity to partner with you regarding any of the following:

Home Parties

We want more campers at camp JUST LIKE YOUR camper. Help us sharing our mission with others through our existing camp families. HOME PARTIES are a wonderful way introduce your friends to Camp Kiowa and provide them with a sense of confidence. We look forward to visiting with you more about a home party in your area.

Guest Blog Entries

We want to learn from you. Relationships, parenting skills, challenges and more…Brian, regularly, asks our parents (and campers) to contribute toward his blog. We would greatly appreciate your incite.

Off-Season Opportunities

Effective immediately, we will begin posting dates and times outside of the summer season for us to get together. Many of these activities will be free of charge, and they will allow you and your family to enjoy time together on and off camp property!

Letters of Reference

Encouragement is a powerful tool. It can contribute to the creation of a smile, more energy and a stronger relationship. We have also found that encouragement can provide confidence in decision making about camp. The choice to allow your child to spend time with someone else is difficult. You can help us ease the minds of future parents with an encouraging letter about your experience. Feel free to send this at your convenience!

Parent Info and FAQs

 1 week camp sessions

A 1 week session (with an opportunity to attend additional sessions) give campers time to (1) get acquainted and comfortable, (2) make new friends and (3) develop a system for themselves (independence and confidence).

Within the first and second day of their session, your camper will obtain a comfort level with the camp’s daily schedule (link). They will THEN develop their “OWN pattern” within the structure of camp. Once this is accomplished, time and energy is used in conversation, making friends and leadership strengths toward their success.

We will normally encourage additional weeks at camp (as the accomplishments are limitless) the majority of the time. However, there are certain circumstances when 1 week is JUST RIGHT. Our priority is your camper and family success. If interested in multiple weeks, we will continue to play a honest and communicative role in this decision before and throughout your child’s week at camp.

Though smaller than required, we work to keep only four campers to one counselor. Our cabin sizes range between 6-10 campers per cabin. These are optimal ratios and group sizes to promote a safe, healthy cabin environments and strong relationships in and outside the cabin.

Though smaller than required, we work to keep only four campers to one counselor. Our cabin sizes range between 6-10 campers per cabin. These are optimal ratios and group sizes to promote a safe, healthy cabin environments and strong relationships in and outside the cabin.

Brian has over 20 years of experience with children and their families. He and our entire leadership team (including our directors) play an active role in the day to day operation of camp. Manageable group sizes, total camper numbers, lower camper/counselor ratios and strong counselor training sessions allow each each of our leadership team to play a big part in the success of the program and every camper’s experience.


Sleep well – Be well. Each camper sleeps in a air-conditioned cabin. Shower and restroom facilities are within or directly next door to the cabin. Boys’ and girls’ cabins are separated by a considerable amount of space, and highly trained counselors stay in the same cabin as their campers.

NOTE: Adequate rest is VERY important to a successful week at camp (air-conditioning helps!). Exhaustion is not a “badge of honor,” but a balanced day filled with fun, laughter and appropriate amounts of rest are.

Our chef learned much of what he can provide our campers at Le Cordon Bleu. He provides a variety of fun, kid-friendly, healthy options for each camper, and also brings to the table a desire to “fuel” our bodies for success. Water is the most important substance you can consume, and we work to make this is a priority. Peanut butter and jelly options are always available should a camper not enjoy what we are serving that day. Individual attention at the meal table allows each of our counselors to clearly understand everyone’s eating habits and respond appropriately.

We strongly encourage letters to your camper at camp. Campers love getting mail via the camp post office. Please keep your letters fun and upbeat. This influence will help your camper have an even better week or two at camp. You may also send your campers email via your Camp Account. The cost is nominal, and we’re able to get them letters each day.

Packages are acceptable at camp, but we would encourage smaller packages with limited contents. Candy, chocolate and other treats can create some levels of disruption in cabin dynamics, sugar levels and trash…not to mention the space we share in the country with our fun little friends in the wild. We appreciate you helping us keep them in the wild.

One of the most wonderful attributes of camp is the independence your camper will obtain in just a few days at camp. We have experienced setbacks to this development when camp parents insist they speak with their camper. We don’t encourage this level of contact simply out of concern for your camper, their cabin mates and everyone’s (including mom’s and dad’s) experience. If we have any concerns (large or small) about your child and their experience that we feel would benefit from a conversation, you will be the first to be contacted. Keeping in mind, our partnership with you is vital to a great camp experience.

Stepping through challenges is one of the biggest benefits to a camp experience. On occassion, we have campers that get homesick…and parents that get “kidsick.” We work to take the best routes in both situations. Our campers follow our lead. For example, our questions and conversations remaining positive and upbeat: (“Hey Jill, I heard you did some awesome things in journalism!” as opposed to “Oh Jill, don’t worry, we only have 4 more days until you get to see your parents…”)

Our staff are trained to validate your camper’s emotion while remaining positive about all the great experiences we will have while at camp. Again, communication with our parents is key. If we can handle the situation (and most of the time they are very short-lived), we will. If we feel it is best to keep you in the loop, you will be contacted.


We are very fortunate to have a full-time medical staff on our staff, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week at camp. We have access to a wonderful minor emergency clinic 10 minutes away in Gainesville, and we have a medical doctor “on-call” with us for other certain situations. We are also in contact with Fire, Police and EMS in our local community letting them know our camp dates, location and environment at camp.

Our medical staff also distribute medications and vitamins to any of our kids at every meal time. If your child does take medication, you will have an opportunity to visit with the medical team on opening day to clarify the protocol necessary for your child.

50% of our core leadership team stay on-site year round. 100% of our counselors and summer leadership team stay on-site through the summer. We are in constant contact with one another 24 hours per day leaving all details well attended to.

In the event that your child does get hurt, the nurse, leadership team and/or directors will make a decision as whether or not the severity of the situation should lead to a parent phone call. A scraped knee can usually go unmentioned to parents, however, with an accident of more concern we feel it is always best to inform the parents of the situation. It is another way we can create the partnership we so desire.

All of our activities are led by well-trained counselors who understand the depth of the activity. We require our entire staff to be CPR, AED, and FirstAid certified. Campers DO NOT have access to the pool or any other dangerous activity without authorized personnel with them. All water activities are supervised by a lifeguard as well.

Our staff is hired through an extensive process of emails, phone calls, interviews, and reference checks. All staff must pass a background check and sexual misconduct training. We require our staff to be CPR/First Aid certified and complete a full week of staff training before camp. Please visit our staff page for more information.

Our staff are equipped to handle any situation regarding the weather. Staff orientation before campers arrive and “camper orientation” the day our campers arrive allows us some time to go through our emergency procedures. Fortunately, we have never had to use the fire, tornado or flood drills, but we are well prepared in these situations.