About Us

Why Choose Kiowa?

  • Our Activities…Extraordinarily Fun, Unique and Enriching
  • Our Team…Authentic Servant Leaders
  • Our Intention…To Encourage Ultimate Potential
  • Our Experience…Well-Rounded and Tremendously Vast
  • Our Faith…Our Foundation

With over 100 years of combined experience in youth education & experiences, Camp Kiowa originated as a dream of two, Dallas, private school teachers.

Brian and his team are taking Kiowa to NEW HEIGHTS. A program founded on the latest research in youth development paired with a passionate and driven staff, Kiowa has become a GAME CHANGER for so many.

Have fun! Live intentionally! Value one another! Live more abundantly!
Just a few of the reasons Kiowa is right for you!

Brian and His Family

youngbrian“I found the perfect job…” Turns out…he found his “calling.”

Following 18 years on a Kansas farm with his parents and 5 siblings, Brian earned a bachelor’s degree and went on to receive his Masters Degree from the University of Kansas.

Nearing the end of graduate school, Brian relocated to the state of Maine where he spent his first 3 years at summer camp.

In 2001, he opted to broaden his camp experience in the Texas Hill Country. In 2004 he married Jennifer (a registered nurse) and shortly afterward purchased Camp Kiowa.

Originating on the college campus at Texas Woman’s University, Brian saw the potential to draw on individual campers’ gifts through an extraordinarily fun overnight camp experience.

By 2009, the purchase of the 81 acre Lone Oak Ranch property had been made and plans to provide the Kiowa experience, as well as retreats, weddings, family, corporate and church events came to fruition.

“I’m blessed. I have it all…a supportive family & community, healthy kids, a strong faith foundation and an organization to help others gain the same success.”

Brian and Jennifer, along with their 4 children (Joseph, Claire, Luke and Eli), live outside of Lindsay, Texas and only 15 minutes from Camp Kiowa.

Brian cares deeply for kids. He enjoys seeing them recognize their own strengths and gifts.

He is passionate about the discovery their own strengths and gifts.

Confidence, relational abilities, communication, problem solving & social skills are developed through safe challenges. Kiowa fosters extremely positive results.

“Joy happens when you are in the zone,” Brian says. “The ‘world’ can take you out of The Zone, and then it sells you something to fill that void. YOU have EVERYTHING you need. Let’s find it. Then true success will happen!”

Kiowa helps discover the rare joy that leads to personal and professional success, extraordinary influence and the ability to, as Brian puts it, “have it all.”

Our CORE Team

Ben Kelleher

Assistant Director/Marketing

Ben is a lifelong camper! A part of Kiowa since the age of 9, he has encountered nearly every piece of the Kiowa experience. He is grateful for every opportunity and has a desire to “give back” what Kiowa has given him for so many years.

Romualdo & Yolanda Varela

Lead Facilities

Romualdo and Yolanda have been married for 33 years and have 2 children and 8 grandchildren. Yolanda has a long career as a school teacher and in bookkeeping, while Romualdo has spent over 10 years with Public Security Department in Chihuahua, Mexico. They currently reside at Lone Oak Ranch and Retreat.


Mike and Megan Howell

Sales & Marketing / Camp and Event Leadership

Mike and Megan grew up in rural Kansas and moved to Texas in 2015. They’ve been married since 2010 and have 4 children. Together, they have a passion for others to realize their true potential and calling and with a strong desire to develop “world changers.”

Tracey Stevenson

Event Director

Our Mission & 5 Guiding Pillars

We Encourage the Discovery of Unlimited Authentic Joy!

Extraordinary happiness found in so many ways…

  • A conversation between two friends under a meteor shower.
  • An arrow that finally hits the bulls-eye.
  • The robot that gets programmed perfectly.
  • The cheers from our friends after the song so brilliantly sang.

Our Goals for Each Camper:

  • Make 2 new friends
  • Try 2 new things
  • Learn 2 new attributes (about you)
  • Recognize opportunity
  • Be Confident following through
  • Enjoy the process 


Thirty minutes of fun and reflection after lunch. Campers listen, learn and share their thoughts on our guiding principles (below). A VERY POPULAR aspect of each day! We ask intentional questions & encourage healthy conversation.

Young people LOVE TO SHARE!

Our Guiding Pillars

LOVE  (It’s our Intention)

Camper: “What do you mean I’m called to LOVE him? He just used MY toothbrush!”
Counselor: “I know it’s frustrating. We can get you a new toothbrush. What do you think would be the next best step?”…and the relationship learning process begins.

Battling a world of false hope and insincere love, our campers learn genuine methods to share this attribute. Through age-appropriate, group conversations, we give them the tools to understand the value in giving and receiving authentic love.

FAITH (It’s our Foundation)

Camper: “Camp is the best place on earth!”
Counselor: “Why is it the best place on earth?”
Camper: “Because I can be myself.”
Counselor: “You’re sure…You’re 100% confident?”

Camper: “YES!”
Counselor: “Faith is that feeling when you KNOW there is direction in your life. “I know God wants me to act this way.” How can we understand that feeling (Here God’s message) more often?” …and the learning process continues.

We spend our lives acting on Faith. Faith is the right words, the right job, the right friends, the right school. Brian and his team provide camp as a response to THEIR OWN FAITH. When we take action around our Faith, life works out. More opportunity. More fulfillment.

Our goal is to encourage campers to confidently follow their increasing levels of personal Faith.

INTEGRITY (Doing the right thing…with others…and when not)

Counselor: “Is it tough to do the right thing when you’re parents aren’t around?”
Camper: “Sometimes…my friends are more fun…but I know some of those things are wrong.”
Counselor: “I wonder what it would feel like to go home always knowing you made the best decision? Hmmmm?”     …and the learning process grows…

Decisions, thoughts and actions based on VALUES…not on personal gain. It’s ALWAYS the best decision. Our campers will find comfort in that truth. No hiding. No trying to be someone you’re not.

RESPECT…Everyone and Everything.

Counselor Sings: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T…find out what it means to me!”
Campers: Start singing with them……and the learning process remains FUN.

We live with 8 other people in the same room. Respect has to be practiced in every situation. Our campers understand the benefit of letting others “go first,” helping their cabin mates clean a friend’s space and complimenting others.


 RESPONSIBILITY (Your Action – You Own It)

Counselor: “You’re kids, I don’t think you should be responsible for anything. We will handle everything.”
Campers begin yelling: “Awesome! Free for all!”
The counselors wait for a moment and then proceed to place all of their campers’ belongings in trash bags.
Campers: “WAIT, what are you doing?”
Counselors: “There is too much stuff for only two of us to be responsible for…we’re going to eliminate some things.”
Counselor: “Or, we could share the responsibilities and everything can stay. But we can’t do it on our own. What do you think?”   …and we learn and grow as a team.

Teaching responsibility isn’t done with a “do this” mentality. It starts with a LEADERSHIP EXAMPLE. Our campers learn how to take “respectful control” of their own belongings, space and time.

Teaching responsibility isn’t done with a “do this” mentality. It starts with a LEADERSHIP EXAMPLE. Our campers learn how to take “respectful control” of their own belongings, space and time.

Ranch Hands

Joy felt through serving!

Our Ranch Hands set a leadership example as they serve others through trash pick-up, kitchen duty, activity clean up and more. Our younger campers desire to experience that same feeling. A tribute to the job they do, our campers are begging for that level of responsibility!

Our Location

“1 hour from Dallas…a million miles from the city.”

Only 60 minutes north of DFW airport, Camp Kiowa is located on 81, private acres in the wooded, rolling hills of North Texas.

Just off a quiet, paved country road and only 1 right turn off of Interstate 35, Kiowa’s privacy is protected by only 2 entrance gates to camp.

From Dallas/Fort Worth:
North on I-35
Exit #483 (Lone Oak Rd)
Veer right off I-35
Stay on Lone Oak Rd for 11 miles to 4 way stop sign
Go through 4 way stop sign and travel 4 miles
We’re on your right.

From Oklahoma City:
South on I-35 to Gainesville
Exit Highway 82 (turn left/east) – approx. 2.5 miles
Exit Grande Ave/372 – turn right on Grande Ave
Go through Gainesville to a dead end (stop sign).
Turn left 3/4 mile following 372
Curve right at dead end and follow for 7 miles
We’re on your left.