Brian’s Blog

  • June 10, 2016
  • by Brian Manhart
Brian’s Blog

“The biggest influence we can have in someone else’s life are the choices we make in our own.” – Jim Sharp

Dear Friends,

Someone once told me, “Brian, you better choose, do you want to be your kids’ parent OR their friend?”
My response, “I choose both.”
Anyone who has spent time with me and our children recognizes my desire to (1) have fun, (2) learn from every experience, (3) grow my children in any way possible, and (4) benefit those around us.

With over 20 years of experience with children and their families, camp experiences across the country, and numerous books, articles and professional relationships, I have generously broadened my ability (and desire) to contribute toward individual and family success. (i.e. The Discovery of Authentic Joy). I want to serve you.

If used appropriately, technology can be a wonderfully valuable tool!

My 3 goals with this blog: Share, Help and Encourage.

Parents, I hope you find the information to be helpful in building stronger, more valuable relationships with your children and each other. Parenting should not be the “necessary evil” needed to see our kids graduate, but rather, a fun, joyful and rewarding experience full of ups and downs along the way.

Young people…remain encouraged. Growing up is not easy. You’re tremendously valuable, and my prayer is that you begin to see the wonderful attributes within yourself. If there is ever a time that I, or someone on our team, can help you, never hesitate to ask. We love and appreciate you.

Enjoy the time,